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    Starting autotransformer NB-01

    Starting autotransformer » NB-01

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    Starting autotransformer

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    Starting autotransformerDetails

    Product use:
    The series of products designed for large high voltage motor step-down air compressor, oxygen compressor, nitrogen compressors and other large air separation equipment in the starting, and can also be used in other similar to the large, medium voltage motor step-down start.
    Product features:
    This series of products with independent research and development of the starting system simulation software, starting autotransformer calculation software to accurately calculate the parameters of the autotransformer starting, high pressure large motor starting impact on power control in the standard range of products; a file classification, ensure the smooth starting complex conditions of high pressure large motor; product structure. Increase the energy absorbing device, in order to ease the starting instant impact on the destruction of products. The product has the advantages of safe and reliable, maintenance free, environmental protection, and can be used for fire safety requirements of the higher places.

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