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    Dry hollow NB-06

    Dry hollow » NB-06

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    Dry hollow

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    Product use:
    Current limiting reactor is generally hollow type, arranged in terminal or bus line or bus, when short circuit fault occurs, the current limiting reactors can short-circuit current limitation in other electrical equipment, thermal stability or circuit breaker is the ability to allow the limit, and the bus voltage is not too low.
    Product features:
    The basic structure of the enterprise production limiting reactor is a plurality of wires in parallel structure (this is this company patent technology, patent number: ZL 2230233.6) compared with the traditional structure, this structure has the advantage of current could have done more, good insulation, high mechanical strength. The computer aided design and optimization of the product, layer by layer calculation of temperature rise of the coil, the coil temperature rise of each part is uniform, the longer product life; the structure of the product the overvoltage withstanding capacity is increasing, and the special production process, the reactor has the structure compact solid.

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