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    35kV filter reactor nb-08

    35kV filter reactor » nb-08

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    35kV filter reactor

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    35kV filter reactorDetails

    Product use:
    This series of products are mainly used in the AC line with various harmonic source, is used to filter out by a static converter, transformer, motor, rotary motor, gear transmission equipment, electric arc furnace, welding equipment caused by harmonic current, the supply current is near sinusoidal. Filter reactor and a filter capacitor in series, forming a resonant filter, a frequency is very low impedance, absorb the frequency harmonic current most, so as to reduce the current distortion system.
    Product features:
    This series of products are hollow type, small size, light weight, and capacitors placed together in the switch cabinet, low running noise;
    This product adopts sets (original and stacking) structure, the inductance value of ± 5% continuously adjustable, so that match the filter capacitor is more perfect, filter
    Better effect.
    Different voltage grade of the products, the structure is not the same;
    The computer aided design and optimization of the product, layer by layer calculation of temperature rise of the coil, the coil temperature rise of each part is uniform, the longer product life.

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